STAB VIDA's Profile

Portuguese biotech SME with 11 employees, specialized in DNA-based assays and focused in making easier applications in diagnostics/personalized medicine (mainly Alzheimer and Cancer diseases) and NextGenSequencing. The company started its activities in 2001 and nowadays are selling in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Africa (Angola and Cabo Verde).

STAB VIDA has extensive experience of participating and coordinating European projects (3 under FP6 and 3 under FP7). STAB VIDA had previously worked in developing point-of-care diagnostic tests based on nanotechnology systems for DNA detection. In the current proposal, STAB VIDA will gain know-how in nanotechnology-based assays and use it in further development of novel services/products for point-of-care diagnostics.

Project Team

Orfeu Flores
  • Orfeu Flores
  • Project role: Exploitation manager and chairman of the Steering Committee